International Energy Solutions believes that producing clean electricity directly from natural sources is the “paying it forward” contribution for our environment and economy. Our company is a designer and integrator of renewable energy systems including solar, hydro and wind power systems.

We are developing solar energy installations within the United States in California, Arizona, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania where there are significant economic renewable energy investment incentives. In addition, we are in various stages of negotiations for international projects in India, Guatemala, Belize, South Africa, Europe, and throughout the Caribbean.

Since our founding, we have primarily concentrated on serving the solar power needs of small and large commercial customers tied to the electric power grid in the United States. Our US market is primarily developed with International Energy Solutions purchasing high energy consuming commercial property that is converted to solar power and direct installation of solar power solutions for building owners. In addition, We are now devoting resources to developing renewable energy solutions including solar, hydroelectric and wind internationally in countries aggressively pursuing those solutions.